Five Photo Challenges and their Fixes

January 16, 2019 0 Comments

If you have ever tried your hand at photography (which most of us have probably done one time or another in our life) then odds are you would have face some challenges.

Following are the five most commonly faced challenges along with their solutions:

Number 1: Blurry photos. If you think that you are the only one losing details in his/her photos then think again. Blurred images are a major cause of concern for both amateurs and professionals. It’s usually because of the fact that the camera you are using is not in focus or you are not using a tripod while photographing in places with low light. The most efficient way to solve this problem is to first determine the subject of the photo and then focus your camera solely on it. Locking your camera on the subject is essential if you aim to capture a clear photo.

Number 2: Dark photos. Too much and too less light both adversely affect photos. If the room you are photographing in doesn’t have adequate light or if there’s just too much light pouring in from outside through the windows then your photos will be dark. It’s a given. This problem is usually caused when the camera is in automatic mode and you are photographing at day time. An optimum amount of light is pivotal for a good photo. The sooner you understand it the better. However, when light is not in your favor then you should initially frame your photos in the viewfinder. After this, you should move the camera to another part of the room (just not towards the windows) and lock the exposure by pressing the shutter button halfway down. Then, you should move back to the original position to capture the view you want and take the picture by pressing the shutter button downwards completely. That’s it. While this will definitely take some getting used to but it’s not an intricate process at all. Plus, you should look on the brighter side – no dark photos.

Number 3: Big white spots. Your photos can indeed look like UFO sightings when the reflection of the flash of your camera is caught in on the nearby metal surfaces, mirrors or windows. While you can turn off the flash of your camera given that you have enough light in the area you must change your angle/position and make sure that you just aren’t facing directly towards the metal surfaces, mirrors or windows.

Number 4: Repetition. It’s not at all uncommon to take a bunch of photos and then review them only to find out that all the photos look similar to the extent that they are boring. This can happen especially when you are focused on the details or are just going through the process. So, how can you avoid taking photos that all look the same? The answer is by mixing it up. Be creative and energetic. Move around, change your position as well as angle and find different places to capture the same subject. Bring some variety and perspective to your photos by improvising. Also, you can take full use of the number of image editing softwares to bring life to your photos. However, don’t rely on them to save you every time.

Number 5: Flaws in the photos. When imperfections become the focal points, the viewers perceive the images quite negatively. Obviously, this is not good for sellers because potential buyers will simply skip the listing and move on. This can be avoided by taking a close look at the surroundings before taking the actual photographs. Maybe take some photos initially and look at them. See which particular things are standing out, what the flaws are, and where they are exactly. You can de-clutter and stage in order to fix the flaws that is if they are even fixable. If not, then just work around them. You are more than welcome to later use your photo-shopping/editing skills to the hilt in order to finalize images that are just perfect.

So, there you have it. The five main challenges faced by photographers around the globe and some efficient as well as effective remedies to counter them. Hope that you learned a trick or two.

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