I think it’s official, November is my favorite month living here in the smokies. The colors in the trees are breathtaking and during the right time of day, it’s impossible to take a bad photograph. Here are some of my most recent shoots for the month of November 2020 in the greater Knoxville TN area. If you like my style and approach to real estate photography I would LOVE to earn your business! Please feel free to contact me anytime on my cell phone at 865-229-3368

I’ve just been watching this video where real estate guru Tom Ferry interviews Arizona agent Shannon Gillette, who has gone all in on doing video as a promotional tool for her brand and her listings.

Here are some of the notes I took during this video (note time stamps if you want to skip to those parts):

11:30: “When things really took off (for my real estate career) was when I started taking videos for my listings.” Shannon hires a professional videographer to create a 60 sec listing video for every listing she has, and Shannon personally features in every one of her videos because that helps her brand. Her average videos get 10,000 views in the first 7 days through her social media ad campaigns. She also creates videos that feature her that is more like a TV show, rather than videos that only feature her homes.

See her IG channel: https://www.instagram.com/shannon_gillette/

Shannon does a 60 sec listing video on every listing, and boosts the listing to the right people.

Here’s an example on IG of one of her listing videos: https://www.instagram.com/p/CGXtqB2H17P/

17:20: She hired a videographer who was a real estate photographer. Was paying $300 per video, which she noted some agents might say is high but Shannon said the return on investment is huge because it helps her business so much.

19:29: You have to have your profile public (not private). Run off your personal IG account, and share photos of your family. Treat it like a TV show not a commercial – no one wants to watch the commercials.

Tom: Is there a better way to scale trust other than video?
Shannon: No. Even if you only have 20 followers then it’s beneficial to do video – it will slowly grow if you are consistent with your posts.TV show vs commercial:

22:45: You have to let people into your life as an agent. Imagine if you take real estate out of the picture what would be shared? Be a TV show with your content rather than exclusively talk about the real estate side of things. Shannon is investing 3 hours a day into Instagram – engaging with people and responding to DMs, etc.

32:41: You have to get in front of the camera. There is no excuse. It will be uncomfortable at first, but you will get better and better at it. Write a script for each video so you know what to say. Implement it, be consistent, and it will pay off for sure. Shannon then shared some ideas for videos: “Do client appreciation videos, local business videos, do a neighborhood videos, etc. I really believe in pro video and pro photography – this is important.”

Here’s Shannon’s website: https://www.gillettegroupaz.com/

Also check out her YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzu7Cd3a9-8h7SXZ7TZQiXA

Yep… I’m late again posting this… BUT as you know lots of new and exciting packages/features being announced 🙂 I do however want to stay committed to updating the website once a month with some of my most recent work so Realtors, vacation rental owners and others looking for property photos what to expect when hiring me.

Maryville Tennessee Real Estate Photography for October 2020
Tennessee Real Estate Photography for October 2020

I know I’m posting this terribly late however, I still wanted to make sure I didn’t miss last months real estate photos. Below are some of my most recent real estate photos that I took during the month of September 2020.

If you like my work, I would love to earn your business! Please feel free to contact me anytime. Also please feel free to view my real estate photography packages/pricing here.

Knoxville Tennessee Real Estate Photography in September 2020

This package is great for raw land, building sites, farms and/or properties that don’t need interior videos. This video package includes both a Branded and Unbranded version and a wicked fast 24 hour turn around time!

I can customize the branding to fit your marketing needs and style. Below are some awesome additional features included with this package:

• 30 – 60 Second Video
• 1080p HD Video
• Royalty Free Music Included
• Animated Logo Outro (Branding)
• 24 Hour Turn-Around Time

A while back Real Estate Bees reached out to me to find out how COVID-19 was impacting my business. After surveying several real estate photographers from all 50 states they’ve released an interesting article on their website showcasing the results.

If you’re interested in how COVID-19 has impacted all the different fields of the real estate industry please feel free to check out their full article here: https://realestatebees.com/covid-19-survey-photographers/

Summer is coming to a close and we’re preparing for the fall here in East Tennessee! Though summer is by far my favorite and I’m somewhat sad to see summer slowly come to an end, I do love the colors of the fall here in the Smoky Moutains.

Below is a few pictures from some of my favorite homes I photographed this month. I like to keep my website updated with my latest real estate photography so people know what to expect when hiring me. If you’re looking for a professional real estate photographer I would love to earn your business! Please feel free to check out my packages/pricing here. Also feel free to checkout my Real Estate Video Packages and Real Estate 360 Photography.

I can’t believe that it’s the end of the month and I still haven’t updated my website with this posting! It’s been so crazy busy that I simply haven’t had the time to complete this but I felt even though I’ll be posting August’s here in another week Its important to continue my monthly posting of recent shoots.

July was an awesome month for real estate photography with great weather and things in full bloom 🙂 This month was also my first time visiting Sneedville TN – WOW stunning out there! Check out the video below:

Sneedville TN Real Estate Video

Below are some of the recent real estate photos I captured during the month of July here in the Greater Knoxville TN area. If have a property that needs professional photography I would love to earn your business! Please feel free to check out my real estate photography packages and pricing here. Also feel free to checkout my packages for Professional Real Estate Videos and 3D Real Estate Photography.