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About Brad Capone – My Life in Photos

I was born in Anaheim California and lived about 6 minutes away from the happiest place on earth, Disney Land. I’ve also lived in Northern California (Bay Area), Nevada, Utah and now Tennessee!

Since I’m a photographer, I thought it would be much easier to do this in pictures as I’m not much of a writer.

In 2005 I married my high school sweetheart and the love of my life Teresa.

High School 2003
Wedding Photo 2005
Wedding Photo 2005
Family Photo 2017
Family Photo 2017

My son, Armani.

We have two crazy fun kids. My son, Armani loves almost every type of sport there is but his biggest passion is football and basketball.

My daughter, Adee.

My daughter Adee meanwhile, has a passion for cheer and gymnastics.

My wife, Teresa

Teresa’s real passion in life are her kids and is a stay-at-home mom.

My wife is truly amazing and life is SO FUN with her in it!

Growing up.

In my family, everyone plays sports. Growing up I played them all however early on I grew a passion for Golf. My freshman year in high school I took State in Nevada. Unfortunately I threw my back out my sophomore year in high school pre-season forcing me to take almost a year off.

My family.

I grew up in a large Catholic Italian family that are pretty close to one another, almost too close… Family dinners every Sunday – food, football, card games and whiskey. My family is loud, passionate and VERY involved in one another’s life. In fact, for a couple years our neighbor across the street was… yes, my mother. However, it was worse then an Everybody Loves Raymond episode as my mother’s neighbor to her right was…. Teresa’s parents! So both Teresa and I had both our parents living across from us.

My parents.

My mom is a school teacher and my Dad just recently sold his business in California and will hopefully decide to retire out here in East Tennessee. Teresa is working on that….

My brother, Dylan.

Teresa and I with my baby brother and his girlfriend | My brother and I with a family friend (I look sooo cool next to my baby bro lol)

My sister, Angie.

Teresa and I with my sister and her husband | My sister with her daughter

I’ve always had a huge passion for photography and I’ve been doing it professionally for a little over ten years now. I love all types of photography and almost always have the camera with me. Shooting is my biggest passion.

Wanting to get out of the desert, my wife and I rolled out a map of America Teresa came across Maryville TN. Maryville checked off all of our “must haves” so we flew out here in December of 2017 to take a closer look.

Teresa fell in love. We bought our home in Maryville and officially moved in late spring of 2018.

We love Tennessee! It reminds us of being back home in Northern California with the rolling hills and trees, but without all the crazy people. We will definitely miss our family and friends but I don’t expect we’ll miss the desert too much!