As a real estate photographer I often come across some really cool and unique spaces during my day. I thought I would be fun to start to highlight some of these unique rooms and properties in a blog series.

The first space I’m excited to highlight is from a photo shoot I did downtown Asheville North Carolina. Though I mainly photograph in the greater Knoxville Tennessee area, Asheville is just a couple hours east of here.

The design and layout of the room very fun and playful. With bright popping colors, antiques and miss matching dinnerware there’s a lot of personality displayed in this small space.

In fact, each space in the house had it’s own unique flare and style to it.  As soon as you walk in the door a quick look around will confirm that the home-owner has a fun and wonderful personality and is full of artistic creativity.

Continuing with the miss match theme, it’s no surprise that the bedroom has it’s own separate characteristic. Going with a bright green that would take a lot of guts to choose whilst standing in Home Depot, the room smacks you in the face when you first walk in…

I’m definitely envious… My house is extremely modern with light gray walls and little no to wall art. My wife would never allow me to be this daring and bold… but I sure did enjoy photographing this older home.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How long does the photoshoot take?

Depending on the size of the property it could take from thirty minutes to a couple hours. My average 3 Bedroom, 2 Bathrooms, 2000 Sq Ft real estate photo shoot will be around 45 minutes to an hour.

When and how do I get my property images?

I offer a 24 hour turn around on all real estate shoots. The vast majority of the time you’ll receive your images in the same evening of the day of the shoot. I email a dropbox link to you where you can easily save and download the images.

How do I pay you?

I accept cash, checks and all major credit cards. The majority of my clients are emailed an invoice after the shoot where they can securely pay it online.

Do I have to be there during the shoot?

No. I can meet directly with your clients or simply do the shoot solo. I just need access to the property.

Do you have Supra access?

No. I know this can be a slight inconvenience however, on the bright side you can rest assured that I’m not a licensed competitor. My passion is photography and I have no interest in getting licensed and becoming a board member so I can have a Supra key.

What is your cancellation policy?

I do not have one. I’ve been working in the real estate industry my entire adult life and know how some things just fall apart. It’s never an issue if you need to cancel at the last minute regardless of the issue.

Do you charge a traveling fee?

There is no traveling fee for any shoot located inside the Knox County area. This also includes several areas just outside of the Knox County line. View my Travel Fee Schedule for a complete list.

Continuing my monthly posting of recent work, here are a few images of some of my favorite shoots from last month. This is a great way for you to see a sampling of my work so you know the style and quality you can expect when hiring me to photograph your real estate properties. If you like my approach to real estate photography please feel free to check out my packages/pricing here. You can also view more of my recent work here.

Dandridge Tennessee Real Estate Photography for August 2019
Kodak Tennessee Real Estate Photography for August 2019

Not every professional real estate photographer offers the same approach, style or quality. In this posting I’m taking a look at my work vs another local professionals for a home located on Sparkling Star Ln in Knoxville TN.

I love to study real estate images and break down other photographer’s work. The opportunity to photograph the same exact property as one of my competitors is rare. So I always make it a point to examine my work and compare it to see where I can improve, and where I’m excelling. Please feel free to check out my series My Work vs Others here.

If you like my style and approach to real estate photography and are looking for a professional photographer then please feel free to contact me. Please feel free to view my real estate packages and pricing here.

Posting this a few days late… I’ve been slammed but dedicated some time in my schedule to get this out. I think it’s very important to post some of my most recent work as this is the best way to communicate my style and approach to real estate photography.

As I’ve mentioned in previous “Best of” postings, every photographer has their own unique style and technique. If you like my real estate images, I would love to earn your business! Please give me a call today to schedule your next photo shoot.

Athens Tennessee Real Estate Photography for July 2019
Etowah Tennessee Real Estate Photography for July 2019
Greenback Tennessee Real Estate Photography for July 2019
Lenoir City Tennessee Real Estate Photography for July 2019
Sharps Chapel Tennessee Real Estate Photography for July 2019

For Dad…

Normally, when I shoot HDR, I prefer the interior lights to be off. This assures that I have full control over the white balance and I can produce accurate colors of cabinets/furniture and walls.

As interior lighting is typically around 2700k (slight orange hue) this color will bounce off all the objects in the room making pure white objects appear discolored. If you’re shooting for a builder or an interior designer – this is game over.

Now the colors of the cabinets, flooring, walls, ceiling and furniture are accurate. This is why I typically shoot HDR with the lights off HOWEVER,

My Dad tells me that I should always shoot with the lights on. Even after explaining to him the issue of shooting with the lights on, he told me if he were to agree with me, “we’d both be wrong…” So I’ve been thinking a lot about this and how I should approach it.

I know what your thinking – No problem, I’ll shoot with the lights on and then just correct the white balance in post production. Well… even if you were to correct the white balance in post production, you would have to use a brush tool to pick only the areas of the image that need the correction. Simply using the white balance tool in Light Room will effect the entire image with a universal correction.

My general rule is, if I have to open an image in photoshop for a real estate shoot I might as well light it correctly vs using HDR however, on those rare occasions where HDR will produce a better image then using flash, this is a tool I’ll definitely rely on in the future… Thoughts?

Selling your home is a stressful process! In order to hit the ground running one of the first things you’ll need to do is get professional photos of your property. Often times, this comes before your home is even listed. As most home buyers are searching online for their next home, professional photographs have never played a more important role in getting top dollar for your property then ever before!

In order to get the absolute best real estae photos for your home, you can prepare your house for the photo shoot. Here are some great pointers to get you started.


Outside Area

Mow, rake and trim landscapingRemove all clutter including hoses
Remove any pool/spa coversClean all driveways, entryways and patios
Remove any grill coversRemove any pool toys/equipment

Living Room

Turn off TV and hide remotesRemove all toys, fans and clutter
Remove any unnecessary furnitureOpen blinds and window drapes
Turn off ceiling fansRemove any “nik-naks”

Kitchen and Dining Area

Remove any dishesRemove all small appliances (toasters..etc)
Remove any objects on the fridge (magnets…etc)Remove all detergents, dish cloths..etc
Hide any bins and pet bowlsMinimize clutter (salt shakers…etc)


Make all bedsDeclutter toys, books, tissue boxes…etc
Turn on all lampsTurn off ceiling fans
Open blinds and drapesRemove/hide any personal items


Clear counter tops of all toiletriesClose all toilet lids
Make sure glass and mirrors are cleanRemove shampoos and soaps from the shower
Remove any scales, toys…etcRemove any floor matts

60 minutes before the photo shoot

Open all blinds in the houseTurn on all lights (including under counter lighting and lamps)
Turn off all ceiling fansTurn off all TVs
Hide all pets (and any evidence of pets)

Very much like a chef or any other artist, you’re only as good as your last image… So I think it’s important to constantly showcase my most recent work regardless of how busy I am so people can know what to expect when they hire me. Normally I would go through these images and organize them as I’ve done in previous posts however, time is short for me today so I just grabbed a few images from the previous month to showcase.

I would love to earn your business so if you like my work/style please feel free to reach out to me anytime!

Ten Mile Tennessee Real Estate Photography for June 2019

Adding to my series of My Work Vs Others I had another opportunity to compare my photography to another local professionals on a house located on Wells Scenic View Lane in Knoxville TN.

Like I’ve mentioned before, every photographer has their own unique style and approach to architectural photography and I love to study other photographers work. It’s a great way for me to see where I can improve while simultaneously showcase my style compared to another professionals.

With that being said, here is a closer look at 7933 Wells Scenic View Lane:

Previously I wrote a post asking the question whether or not hiring a professional to photograph your listing/home when selling is worth it. In relation to that question, this is my first posting in a new series I will be posting here showing examples of my work vs images taken by a non-professional.

This first posting is focused on a listing located at 6004 Kaywood Rd Knoxville TN. I’ll first show an example of their work followed by mine.