Are you aware of the fact that the attention span of the majority of people on average is just around 7-6 seconds today? It’s not surprising given that we live in an information age and digital era where’s there just too much content and external stuff that is demanding our attention such as social media websites. Now, what does this mean for you – an individual trying to sell his/her property? This means that you only have a very limited timespan to hook your buyers in and make them interested in what you are selling. But how can you do that? The answer is: Through high-quality professional real estate photography.

Do you know that when looking for real estate people spend 60% of their time going over the photos online and 20% of their time on each reading the description and reviews? What is even astonishing is the fact quoted by the National Association of Realtors, who point out that approximately 92% of potential property buyers search the internet, looking for real estate before making a purchase and around 87% of the buyers claim that photos were quite useful in helping them get started on their journey to buy real estate.

Well, at this point you might be thinking that it’s not a secret that people tend to look up photos before visiting in person and that you too can take photos yourself, edit them if needed and put them online, after all, you have a pretty good smartphone, don’t you? Well, it is all right to think that and to be honest most people think along the same lines. However, one most important thing that you need to consider is that it is the quality of the photos that matter and that helps the potential customers differentiate between a real estate worth going to visit in person and buying. Professional listing photos generate an average of 139% increase in clicks as compared to other listings. More clicks result in more views, more views means more traffic, and more traffic, in turn, provides more leads! Hence, the result of a research study which stated that when high-quality photographs were used alongside the listings, the real estate was not only sold quickly but it was also sold for a higher price (The premium was on average $3,400) is not surprising at all.

What these facts depict is that photos are integral, if not the most important aspect when it comes to making a real estate sale and the importance of photos is such that they can make or break your chances of making a sale.

Odds are that you might have heard the two sayings: You only get one chance to make a first impression” as well as “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Now what these popular sayings point out is that not only are first impressions essential to gain the attention of an audience but also that through pictures you can capture the attention of your audience in a way that nothing else can. The bottom line is that making a good first impression is critical for you if you want to make a sale. This is because your potential clients will decide whether or not they like the property in the first few seconds and they will only go through the initial few, let’s say 3-4 photos. If those photos are not up to the mark or are poorly captured, out of focus, blur, and dark then you can say goodbye to your chances of selling your real estate.

Nothing turns off potential customers more quickly than does badly taken photos. The point worth noticing is that the property whose photos an individual might be looking at online might be the ideal one for them but just the fact that the photos are not up to the mark will give a negative impression such that the individual will not even consider taking a second look. This is a loss of both the seller and the buyer.

Let’s now move onto the part where you are doing a cost-benefit analysis of hiring a professional real estate photographer. While you do have to pay the professional photographer’s for their services and it might seem like a huge expenditure in the beginning but once you see the results you will be patting yourself on the back. This is because professional photographers capture photos in such a way that people are energized and excited by just looking at them. The photos are perfect in terms of their lightening and angles from which they are taken so much so that potential clients can see themselves living there and having a good time. This is the artistic quality that professional real photographers bring and this makes their services worth every penny.

Now, the final decision is absolutely yours when it comes to hiring a professional photographer. You can choose to take the photos yourself from your smartphone or ask some amateur photographer who is ‘good’ with the camera to do it for you. However, before taking your decision do note that while poor images can to a certain extent blacklist your real estate in the mind of the clients, high-quality photos taken by professionals can not only help in selling the real estate quickly but also at a premium price. Isn’t that just what you want?

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