Virtual Staging by Brad Capone

There are several reasons why Realtors invest in virtual staging. As photos play a critical role in marketing a property, virtual staging can help solve some common problems real estate professionals face often.

One of the most common problems is half empty or even completely vacant rooms/spaces. These spaces often come across as cold and very unwelcoming – not the feelings you want to portray when advertising a property online. Virtual staging allows marketing professionals to avoid the high cost of staging the property with physical furniture.

Another common issue Realtors face when marketing their listings online is properties that have a lot of clutter. This is especially true here in East Tennessee! Removing or replacing distracting objects can have a massive impact on the final image.

If you need some virtual staging done for your listing please let me know, I would love to help any way I can 😀

Virtual Staging Examples

What about Virtual Landscaping?