Best Real Estate Pictures in Knoxville TN for June 2019

July 01, 2019 0 Comments Best Real Estate Photos

Very much like a chef or any other artist, you're only as good as your last image... So I think it's important to constantly showcase my most recent work regardless of how busy I am so people can know what to expect when they hire me. Normally I would go through these images and organize them as I've done in previous posts however, time is short for me today so I just grabbed a few images from the previous month to showcase.

I would love to earn your business so if you like my work/style please feel free to reach out to me anytime!

138 Co Rd 1120 Athens TN

188 Mallard Lane Ten Mile TN

413 Baskins Creek Rd Gatlinburg TN #405

413 Baskins Creek Rd Gatlinburg TN #507

506 Gettys Lane Athens TN

3149 Bakertown Lane Knoxville TN

4816 Anne Payne Lane Powell TN

7933 Wells Scenic View Lane Knoxville TN

8333 Shoregate Lane Knoxville TN

10216 Colt Haven Drive Knoxville TN

12904 Buckley Rd Knoxville TN

17716 North Nopone Valley Rd Decatur TN

124 Roaring Fork Rd Gatlinburg TN

Real Estate Aerial Photos:

Brad Capone
Brad Capone

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