How to prepare your home for professional real estate photos

July 09, 2019 0 Comments Real Estate Photography Tips

Selling your home is a stressful process! In order to hit the ground running one of the first things you'll need to do is get professional photos of your property. Often times, this comes before your home is even listed. As most home buyers are searching online for their next home, professional photographs have never played a more important role in getting top dollar for your property then ever before!

In order to get the absolute best real estae photos for your home, you can prepare your house for the photo shoot. Here are some great pointers to get you started.

Tips for preparing the outside of your home to be photographed

Outside Area

Mow, rake and trim landscaping Remove all clutter including hoses
Remove any pool/spa covers Clean all driveways, entryways and patios
Remove any grill covers Remove any pool toys/equipment

Tips for preparing your living room to be photographed

Living Room

Turn off TV and hide remotes Remove all toys, fans and clutter
Remove any unnecessary furniture Open blinds and window drapes
Turn off ceiling fans Remove any "nik-naks"

Tips for preparing your kitchen to be photographed

Kitchen and Dining Area

Remove any dishes Remove all small appliances (toasters..etc)
Remove any objects on the fridge (magnets...etc) Remove all detergents, dish cloths..etc
Hide any bins and pet bowls Minimize clutter (salt shakers...etc)

Tips for preparing your bedrooms to be photographed


Make all beds Declutter toys, books, tissue boxes...etc
Turn on all lamps Turn off ceiling fans
Open blinds and drapes Remove/hide any personal items

Tips for preparing your bathrooms to be photographed


Clear counter tops of all toiletries Close all toilet lids
Make sure glass and mirrors are clean Remove shampoos and soaps from the shower
Remove any scales, toys...etc Remove any floor matts

60 minutes before the photo shoot

Open all blinds in the house Turn on all lights (including under counter lighting and lamps)
Turn off all ceiling fans Turn off all TVs
Hide all pets (and any evidence of pets) Remove any cars in the driveway

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