As a real estate photographer I often come across some really cool and unique spaces during my day. I thought I would be fun to start to highlight some of these unique rooms and properties in a blog series.

The first space I’m excited to highlight is from a photo shoot I did downtown Asheville North Carolina. Though I mainly photograph in the greater Knoxville Tennessee area, Asheville is just a couple hours east of here.

The design and layout of the room very fun and playful. With bright popping colors, antiques and miss matching dinnerware there’s a lot of personality displayed in this small space.

In fact, each space in the house had it’s own unique flare and style to it.  As soon as you walk in the door a quick look around will confirm that the home-owner has a fun and wonderful personality and is full of artistic creativity.

Continuing with the miss match theme, it’s no surprise that the bedroom has it’s own separate characteristic. Going with a bright green that would take a lot of guts to choose whilst standing in Home Depot, the room smacks you in the face when you first walk in…

I’m definitely envious… My house is extremely modern with light gray walls and little no to wall art. My wife would never allow me to be this daring and bold… but I sure did enjoy photographing this older home.