Since moving here to East Tennessee I’ve had the opportunity to photography some awesome vacation rental properties. One of my favorite real estate clients here in Maryville Tennessee is Jackie Mills with Realty Executives and she’s just finished completion of her newest AirBnB.

Welcome to Memaw’s! When crossing the threshold you’ll immediately be taken back in time, it’s exactly like being back at Nan’s house. The design is intentionally dated with flare yet offers some modern conveniences. There are a ton of little details throughout the property and Jackie did an incredible job hunting down antiques and other artifacts that makes the experience both surreal welcoming.

Here are some of the before/after shots I captured, some of which were featured on our local news via WBIR Channel 10 here in Knoxville Tennessee.

With over 11.3 million annual visitors the Smoky Mountains is one of America’s most popular vacation destinations. A perfect location to own a vacation rental property. With the advent of AirBnB, VRBO and other popular websites, vacation rentals have become extremely profitable and professional architectural photography plays a critical role.

As The Smokies have become more and more popular the competition in the vacation rental market has become fierce.  Investors in these properties will need to fight for every click, professional photography is no longer a way to get the edge but a necessary minimum requirement.

Whilst there are several local talented professional photographers in the area, few have the skill set required for architectural work. Hiring a photographer who specializes in family photos or landscape photography can be a costly mistake.

Understanding how to correctly market a vacation rental through photography is a specialized skill set. Having the fortune of spending the last decade plus photographing hotels around the country, I’ve had the opportunity to work directly with talented designers and marketing directors who are at the top of their game.

Taking this knowledge and with the benefit of photographing directly for AirBnB in the past, I can bring that specialized skill set required to create beautiful images that generate the “clicks” and interest needed to stay competitive in the vacation rental market here in East Tennessee.

Do you own a vacation rental property in the Smoky Mountains area? I would love to earn your business! Please feel free to view my packages/pricing or give me a call today!

By far, this is the coolest AirBnB I’ve photographed in North Carolina. Every kid dreams of an awesome tree house. Now that I’m an adult, this truly is a romantic tree house with all the luxuries of a hotel suite. This place fulfills that childhood fantasy of being in your own clubhouse while offering enough privacy in the thick woods of North Carolina to literally shower outside (the shower is on the outside of the clubhouse).

Matter of fact, the thick woods offer so much privacy, I couldn’t get a decent shot of the backside of the tree house. Though it’s a fairly long walkway before you get to the tree house itself, the pathway is filled with beautiful lighting…

When you finally arrive, the excitement builds as you notice the bridge leading into the tree house. The craftsmanship that went into this project is stunning!

Standing outside the only thought running through your head is… What’s inside???? But walking in makes you feel as though you’ve walked through a portal, the luxury and modern design of the interior is NOT what you would expect.

Walking in you’re immediately rewarded with amazing views of the thick woods this location has to offer mixed with a high definition television and electric fireplace.

By far, this is the most luxurious tree house I’ve personally been in and the subtle artwork and decor perfectly compliments without distracting the eye from where you are.

After taking a quick look around you’ll immediately notice one of the most comfortable beds I’ve slept in on the road in a very, very long time! In fact, I can honestly say that I slept better in this bed than I did in my luxury suite at Caesar’s Place!

Adjacent to the bed is a wonderful sitting area where you can literally take in the luxury of the interior and the absolute beauty the exterior has to offer.

Relaxing on the couch while enjoying the warmth of the fireplace, the background noise of the television and the breathtaking view was…. heavenly…

Oh! Did I mention there was a kitchen area?

Stepping outside….

The back deck offers privacy, views and the calming sound of nature.

This brings us to the shower, though it’s not winter… the idea of taking a hot shower with snow on the ground in this shower sounds… awesome!

But this small tree house has even more to offer, downstairs….

Below the tree house is an amazing retreat…

If you would like to book this AMAZING experience you can view it on AirBnB’s website here: This is a “must-do” if you are visiting Asheville NC or the surrounding area.

As a real estate photographer I often come across some really cool and unique spaces during my day. I thought I would be fun to start to highlight some of these unique rooms and properties in a blog series.

The first space I’m excited to highlight is from a photo shoot I did downtown Asheville North Carolina. Though I mainly photograph in the greater Knoxville Tennessee area, Asheville is just a couple hours east of here.

The design and layout of the room very fun and playful. With bright popping colors, antiques and miss matching dinnerware there’s a lot of personality displayed in this small space.

In fact, each space in the house had it’s own unique flare and style to it.  As soon as you walk in the door a quick look around will confirm that the home-owner has a fun and wonderful personality and is full of artistic creativity.

Continuing with the miss match theme, it’s no surprise that the bedroom has it’s own separate characteristic. Going with a bright green that would take a lot of guts to choose whilst standing in Home Depot, the room smacks you in the face when you first walk in…

I’m definitely envious… My house is extremely modern with light gray walls and little no to wall art. My wife would never allow me to be this daring and bold… but I sure did enjoy photographing this older home.