Let’s face it, some property features are best showcased at night. Things like outdoor fireplaces, landscape lighting and pool lights bring a certain amount of classiness to an image and gives the property a more valuable impression.

But even if your listing doesn’t have a “wow factor” for the evening, real estate twilight photography is still a valuable tool you should consider using when marketing a property. The fact is, twilight shots guarantee you’ll get attention! Home buyers searching online are definitely going to take notice and click on your listing.

Real estate photos taken during the evening have an expensive feel to them. This is why most twilight real estate photography is reserved for high end listings. This has me thinking, If I were one of the over 5,000 real estate agents in the Greater Knoxville TN area and I wanted my marketing to stand out from everyone else’s I would consider this part of my standard marketing campaign on all my listings. 

So if you want to GET ATTENTION AND BE NOTICED then contact me today and schedule your real estate twilight shoot.

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Twilight Real Estate Photography Pricing

Appointment Fee: $100 + $25 per image

This package is great for raw land, building sites, farms and/or properties that don’t need interior videos. This video package includes both a Branded and Unbranded version and a wicked fast 24 hour turn around time!

I can customize the branding to fit your marketing needs and style. Below are some awesome additional features included with this package:

• 30 – 60 Second Video
• 1080p HD Video
• Royalty Free Music Included
• Animated Logo Outro (Branding)
• 24 Hour Turn-Around Time

Did you know in Las Vegas Nevada they receive over 294 sunny days per year? Unfortunately, here in the greater Knoxville Tennessee area we only average 204 sunny days per year. With 161 bad weather days, waiting around for beautiful blue skies to list your property isn’t always an option.

No worries though, on bad weather days I offer FREE exterior sky replacement photos! This is an fantastic service that allows you to hit the ground running with no delays in marketing your property.

Here’s a few examples of just a few of the sky replacements I created this past week:

As a professional real estate photographer, I can deliver high quality real estate pictures for my clients regardless of the weather, season or even time of day! This is an add-on service I offer with all of my packages. For more information about my pricing/features please feel free to view my real estate photography packages here.

There are several benefits to replacing the sky for your real estate photos, and there are several reasons why you might want to consider it. Here are just a few common reasons why/when Realtors should consider utilizing a sky replacement for their listing.


Let’s face it, here in East Tennessee we don’t always have the luxury to wait around for beautiful blue skies with white puffy clouds. With Sky Replacement we can create an amazing image to market the home with regardless of what the weather is doing.

Generate more interest

Often times, with sky replacement we can create an image with more drama that a blank blue sky just doesn’t offer. Having an “eye catching” sky can compliment your listing and generate more clicks online, and more interest for your clients.

Create a wow factor for your clients

As a Realtor nothing authenticates you as a marketing expert to your clients more than stunning photos. Surprising your seller’s with a dramatic beautiful exterior front shot of their home.

Improve your brand

As a Realtor, homeowners expect a lot out of you. One of the many expectations homeowners have for their real estate agent is that their Realtor is an expert at marketing. What are you selling? Are you creating the right mood? When the public views your listings are they receiving the right message regarding your marketing abilities? Utilizing sky replacement shows you care about showcasing their property at it’s best and give even the smallest details your full attention.

Sky replacement is just one another service I offer to my clients to create stunning images that get results. Please feel free to view all my packages/pricing and add-on services on my real estate photography page here. Also feel free to take a look at my portfolio here. I would love to earn your business! Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to book a shoot.

Showcase the size and boundaries of your properties! This is an awesome feature for vacant land and larger parcels allowing potential buyers to have an idea of the size and layout of the property boundaries.

Not just for vacant land! Does your listing have a beautiful home with a large amount of land? Showcase that awesome selling point with property border overlays to potential buyers and impress your sellers.