According to the Governor’s Executive Order November 22, ‘Real Estate Services’ is listed as an “essential service” and therefor I will continue accepting appointments for property photo shoots at this time. This includes photoshoots for Real Estate, Vacation Rental Properties, Hotels/Spas, restaurants and other commercial buildings.

With that said I do ask that the property be either vacant or have as few people onsite as possible at the time of the shoot. Though I’m Italian and have this “thing” inside me that wants to make some kind of physical contact with everyone I encounter – for the time being I’m not shaking hands and for the most part will try to stay the suggested 6 feet away from other people.

Now more then ever the general public will rely on photos to view market inventory. In addition to photography, I also offer video as well. You can view more information about my video services here. I will also in the next couple weeks begin to offer 3D Virtual Tours for my real estate clients.

The goal is to provide you with the tools you need to continue marketing your properties. If there is anything that you are concerned about, or have any suggestions and/or questions please always feel free to reach out to me on my cell phone. I would love to help anyway I can during these difficult times 🙂

Brad Capone
Architectural Photographer