As you know once a month I like to upload some recent real estate images so people know what to expect from me if they hire me to be there real estate photographer. I think this is important for several reasons one of which I haven’t really discussed before.

Throughout my career as a professional real estate photographer I’ve changed and adapted to many different styles and techniques in my effort to continually grow and improve my craft. Certain image styles come in and out of fashion just like everything else. Recently I’ve yet again been playing with a new style that utilizes a bit more natural light. Somewhat flirting with over exposing whites but keeping the shadows a bit darker creating more contrast and depth.

Below are some examples of my most recent real estate images for the month of May 2020. If you like my style and approach to real estate photography, I would love to earn your business! Please feel free to reach out to me anytime 🙂

Vonore Tennessee Real Estate Photography for May 2020